Who are we ?

La Caboche is an artisanal brand of French hats, based in Paris, and created by Roms Lenfant and Elodie.

Fascinated by the old crafts, it is with conviction and sincerity that we decided to adapt hat making to the 2020 era, and to bring back to the taste of the day old models and old hat shapes.

The 2020 era also means being concerned about our planet, and it was unthinkable not to put ethical manufacturing at the heart of our project.

The wool felt is of European and French origin, and all the material and manufacturing is 100% French with local suppliers and producers.

Roms likes to modernize this art form by creating custom-made pieces, unique works and by continuously hunting for vintage or upcycled trimmings.

Upcycled? It's recycling and reusing fabrics that already have a life and a soul!

The adventure begins and accelerates during the great confinement 2020, with our trades in the event strongly impacted. Long weeks to create the first pieces, and very quickly a craze on the networks decides us to create a French brand to dress your caboches.

Thank you to the Ateliers d'Arts for having transmitted this ancestral knowledge to us, and especially to the renowned hatter Blanche, teacher at the Museum of Hat Making in Lyon.

Let the adventure begin!

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